Our Firm

T J Hayes & Co, PLLC and Zone 7 Financial Services, LLC offers people in our community a full range of financial products and services.  Combining the disciplines of accounting, planning, and implementing investment and insurance plans we know that we should be your CPA firm if you need more than a bean counter or a stock jockey.

You may regard financial planning as complex and confusing, therefore you may miss out on many potentially rewarding financial opportunities.  You may also take unnecessary risks and fail to adequately protect your assets.

We believe that tax planning, retirement planning, and estate conservation should be integrated into your list of priorities.  This process should start young and last a lifetime.

We can help you grow your wealth, protect your wealth, and pass on your wealth to future generations.  We try to take the mystery out of investing, managing risk, preparing for retirement, and multi generation planning.

We are interested in establishing relationships that will stand the test of time and the changing of generations.  We hope you are too.